When your heart is closed to the world,

Your heart is closed to yourself.

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The Relationship Badass Formula

Personal Badassary

Learn to cultivate a delicious and exciting relationship with your Magnificent Self! Yes, YOU right there. We approach this work through Self Worship, Embodiment Practices & cultivating Personal Sovereignty. Learn how to create and enforce personal boundaries, to bring more ease and connection into your life.

Emotional Mastery

Learn to cultivate greater self awareness through curiosity and exploration of your own own emotions. This of course, begins with learning to accept and love the heck out of those beautiful emotions! We will use embodiment practices to transmute and clear stuck emotional energy, leading to a lighter and more present and joyful YOU!

Tools that Work

Learn powerful tool after powerful tool as Nikki draws from her years of potent and dynamic interpersonal trainings. Master effective tools of communication and relating that will save you many painful conflicts and misunderstandings in the future. BONUS: Many of these tools also work in creating dialogue and understanding with yourSelf.

You are literally incapable of fucking up your own life.

You came here to Earth to have experiences.



And that’s all this is, an experience.

Learn to find the beauty in all of it, and your soul will be free.

"I'm so glad I made the decision to invest in myself to work with Nikki. Our sessions gave me so much clarity on the relationship I'm currently in and they also helped me release a lot of resentment and negativity surrounding my last relationship. It's the best decision I've made in a long time, I am deeply grateful. I came to Nikki seeking help in voicing my needs in a relationship, speaking up for myself, and feeling more comfortable in conflict. I had no idea that I could actually improve SO much in so little time. I'm literally like a new woman. The me a few months ago would look at the me now and be like 'who dat!?' I've grown massively in a short period of time thanks to Nikki. I'm able to speak up when something bothers me, address my needs (even if it's not what my partner wants to hear), and be more present and grounded during conflict when before all I wanted to do was run and hide. I can't thank Nikki enough for helping me step into the new, empowered woman I've become. "

Allison Daniel
Former Relationship Badass Client

"The first time I reached out to Nikki for relationship support was about a year after my divorce. I was struggling to let go of a few intensely personal items, such as journals, letters, and photos. These items were in my bedroom, and deep down I knew that their presence was contributing to a burden I continued to carry, but needed to release, and I just didn't know how. Nikki helped me by not only listening with great care, but also by helping me make decisions and in some cases physically removing items from my home. She helped me release the burden and say goodbye in a profound way, and then she grieved with me. I had also recently begun a new relationship, and started to feel some anxiety around how to build a strong and healthy foundation of communication, and not let my past relationship problems and old patterns negatively influence this new love that was bringing me such joy. I have great friends, a wonderful family, and an army of support. I have sought the advice of therapists and counselors over the years. Nikki's support is different. Nikki is so positive and brings beautiful energy everywhere she goes, but this is not her strength. Her greatest strength is when she dives deep and gets serious about what she knows will help people and relationships thrive. She quickly understands and discerns core issues and relationship dynamics with great respect and without judgment. She also gives me the words to use with my partner, and encourages me to take healthy risks (at my own pace) and identify ways that I am either unnecessarily sacrificing my own needs or inhibiting my own growth, which in turn harms my relationship that I value so dearly. I am committed to doing proactive work to enjoy a thriving relationship with my partner. To be honest, I am not sure how I would go about doing this work without Nikki. I am so grateful to have found her. "

Sarah Strauss
Former Relationship Badass Client

"Our partnership was on shaky grounds when we met Nikki Sunshine. We felt called to try one final attempt at mending our partnership by working with Nikki. I truly did not know if we were going to be able to heal our relationship before it was too late, prior to starting program. I learned that growth is a wild thing, it is not linear. We spent time shedding old habits and ways of thinking to make room for a new process and healing to occur. Both my partner and I were invited to open up emotional wounds we had ignored, feel emotions we had pushed away, and become open to the growing pains of transformation. Some days we felt like we were moving forward and others backwards. I am grateful we were able to trust the process and continue showing up to become better people. The challenges Nikki gave us, the structure she taught and the awareness we gained in this program really did move us from painful conflict to deep connection in 3 months! We communicate at a higher level and we have both developed more respect for each other and ourselves. I feel more stable in our partnership now more than ever. I went from an unstable and reactive emotional state of being to a grounded, calm, and understanding state of being. I still have lots of growing to do but this transformation has made all the difference and I can say that my partner has seen many of the same benefits and positive transformations that I have. Before this I would not have expected such radical change and growth to enter my life and partnership but it did. I am a new man because of this program. We are a different couple than the couple that walked into this program, and my gratitude to Nikki is endless. "

Taylor Bardin
Former Relationship Badass Client

"Nikki is a badass. She made me feel like a badass. More importantly, she guided me to remembering that I am not “broken” and there’s nothing wrong with me. While facing some of the most challenging blocks in myself and in my 2 year relationship, Nikki guided me back to my power. She gave me 1) breakthrough insights that had an immediate effect on me and my relationship 2) simple, actionable and realistic tools and challenges to take into my daily life to unleash my divine masculinity for myself and those around me. I’m so grateful for the invaluable guidance she was able to provide me with from the other side of the world (zoom call) in only an HOUR! I feel like a new man. Better said, I feel like my true, confident, powerful self again. Thank you."

Miles Hanson
Former Relationship Badass Client

"Nikki is such a healing presence. She listens without judgement and creates a safe space. She offers advice if you want it, but always introduces it with: "let me know if this fits, if not, we'll toss it right out." She is kind. Like so freakishly kind...even kind to her darkest thoughts and insecurities. She has taught me to be gentle with mine too. She actively chooses to live her life and be thankful for it every day, and inspires others to do the same. I am so thankful to have crossed paths with her and that she was willing to share some of her light with me. "

Ella Zeal
Former Relationship Badass Client

"Nikki has a way of communicating that is so authentic. She uses a language that simply expresses one's needs and speaks the truth. There is no BS here... no beating around the bush! And it WORKS! This type of communication creates and environment where conflict can result in a deeper connection and therefore improve any relationship. No more passive-aggressiveness or waiting for others to "read your mind." This communication style speaks the truth, solves problems, and strengthens the ever-evolving relationship. This is AMAZING stuff! Thank you Nikki!"

Mallory Duncan
Former Relationship Badass Client

"I had just experienced a very traumatic and difficult break-up when I contacted Nikki regarding a session. As a result of her sessions I found myself a few weeks later living in a Mountain village in Colorado - and being adopted by the family I had always wanted since leaving my home of Belfast. While I have yet to re-enter the intimate/romantic relationship realm, I'm happier than I've ever been, I have a confidence in myself as a partner and a lover, as well as a Man, and I've gained a friend in Nikki whom I am happy to say is a right fuckin badass in every way. It has been an honor to work with her, and it is equally an honor to be able to say that I know her. Shine on, Nikki - I am so profoundly grateful for your wise, and fully embodied counsel."

Matthew "Key" McRoberts
Former Relationshp Badass Client

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