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Badass Boundary Bootcamp

A powerful 6-week Group Program designed to teach you how to Clarify, Create, Communicate & Enforce Healthy, Empowering Boundaries.

Hey Gorgeous Soul!

My guess is that you've landed here for one or more of the following reasons:

  • You're tired of resenting people in your life for the little things they do

  • You feel like you have NO time for yourself

  • You're sick of being the "yes girl" who says yes to everything

  • You have no idea how to say "No" without being labeled as the asshole

  • You don't understand how boundaries invite in more connection

  • You don't use boundaries because you have no idea how to use them in an empowering way

  • You sometimes wonder why you spend so much time engaging activities that you don't really enjoy

  • You generally feel irritated, overwhelmed or BURNED THE F OUT

Hey there, I'm Nikki Sunshine!

In my practice as a Relationship Coach, I began to notice how generally unsafe women feel. Unsafe to speak up about a need in a moment, unsafe to request something different, and even unsafe to honor their own boundaries.

When I looked closer, I saw that the problem is in how boundaries are being taught in society today.

As a sexual abuse survivor myself, I feel in my BLOOD the deep importance of an empowered boundary paradigm for women in the world today. And so I've devoted countless hours to creating the Education, Practices & Community women need to become Informed, Skilled & Empowered in their Personal Boundaries. 

Welcome to Badass Boundary Bootcamp, where women become BADASSES in owning their space, their body & their boundaries.

What if you could feel.....

  • Confident is saying 'no' with care

  • More time for YOURSELF

  • Freedom to do what you want, not what you're supposed to

  • Clarity within yourself and what you want in any given moment

  • Like a MASTER at the process of Clarifying, Creating & Communicating Boundaries

  • Ease of healthier relationships that aren't tainted with resentment

  • Less chaotic and overstretched

  • Alignment and FUCK YES feeling in everything you do

What will we explore in our 6 Weeks Together?


Ownership &

Taking Your

Power Back


Different Types

of Boundaries



& Enforcing



The New 




Identify & Create

Boundaries in 

YOUR life


Communication Practice

& Integration

When you open the door to Freedom by saying YES to Badass Boundary Bootcamp, you get:

  • Six Week Access to Nikki for guidance and support through Voxer Group Chat

  • Six Live Lessons + Group Coaching Calls

  • Six Powerful  Modules on Boundaries, Safety & Communication

  • Access to ALL of Nikki's tools for clarifying, creating, communicating and enforcing your personal boundaries

  • Nikki's direct guidance and advice on your unique life and boundary situation

  • Community & lifelong friendships with other powerful women who are also on the journey of stepping into their power

  • A space for practice, practice & MORE practice so that you actually master these tools like a badass

  • Rock solid accountability so that you see tangible transformation in your life NOW

  • Lifetime access to THE most empowering & up-to-date Boundary Education on the market

Now is when you stop living your life in accordance with other people's plans and values.
No more painfully triggering Holiday visits with your family.
Today is when you step into Life by your Desires.
Boundaries are SEXY. And a woman who is clear & empowered in her personal boundaries?
Even Sexier.

What's the Investment?

$500 Paid in Full


Two Payments of $300

And as a loving invitation for those who felt a FUCK YES in their body, until they saw the price:

Your mind will always come up with reasons that you're not ready. Investing in YOURSELF, will always feel a little scary.

How much longer can you afford to walk around the world feeling overwhelmed and unsafe?

Empowerment through Personal Boundaries allow me to create SAFETY within MYSELF, anywhere I go.

How much longer can your Nervous System afford to be in fight-or-flight?
I invite you to trust that feeling inside your gut that is telling you to go for it.

For my Brave, Badass Souls who are READY to give yourself this gift:

For my Badass Babes who are like FUCK YEAH and I need a little more info:

Together we will connect & get clarity! Is this program really a perfect fit for you? Let's find out together!