The Paradox of Intimacy: Embracing Space & Closeness

Most of us have probably heard bits of traditional advice surrounding relationships, something like In order for a relationship to work, you must have similarities AND differences. So the concept of embracing Separateness in Intimate Relationships as much as Closeness, may be a familiar idea. And yet, WHY is does this contradicting paradox exist in the realm of Intimate Relationships?
Here’s what I’ve come to understand: Intimacy, is the connection of two separate individuals; coming together to create a NEW, third entity, which is “us”. While the connection of the two, the joining, the togetherness, is what technically defines the intimacy-- there is something else to consider.
Intimacy cannot exist without separateness. As intimacy is the joining of separate individuals-- if the separate individuals cease to exist (joined/morphed together)-- how is INTIMACY to prevail?
In other words: In order for intimacy to exist between...
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