How your Personal Insecurities plague your Partnership

Painful is the experience of enduring seemingly senseless waves of emotions in a disorganized reaction to to the present moment.
These waves, can appear to be unfounded in their nature and destructive in their energy. The side affects of these experiences can range from confusion, disorientation to great fear, anxiety and paralyzation.
These experiences I describe, are those of a deep rooted insecurity swimming it’s way to the surface of my existence. This is, the moment when my partner shares something with me and I feel the sensation of a 200 pound sandbag dropping into the pit of my stomach.
How do you experience your insecurities? Perhaps they are buried, organized and set aside, and they do not pay you many conscious visits at all. Perhaps, they are ignored, shamed, and sometimes make startling, surprise visits from the depths of your memory banks and subconscious. Quite possibly, your insecurities stay hidden, quiet and obsolete. And when they do...
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Your Partner is your Sacred Mirror (Shift from Criticism to Calling Forward)

Romantic, Long-Term Love: The most terrifying and enchanted experience of this Life on Earth. And, the entire reason we are here.
Why is it that we all desire to be in love?
Is it a force so natural and embedded deep within us that it is an honoring of lineage to feel such desire?
Is it because the idea of falling in love is rich in the media, displayed as an act of pure bliss and alignment that seems to last forever?
Or is it because we are each searching for something, hoping to feel Whole and Complete, in the act of connecting to and loving another person?
Here’s the thing so many seem to miss: To Love someone is so much more complex than we’ve allowed ourselves to realize. You see, to truly loving someone means to identify and embrace ALL sides of that person. That means their lightness, their joy, their brilliance and their darkness, their pain, their shadows.
I have developed my own theory on why it is that...
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