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Empower Yourself through Personal Responsibility

How would it feel to be FREE?

Your happiness no longer dependent on the actions and decisions of others.

How would it feel to TRUST?

Unwavering Trust in Life, Yourself & Your Decisions. Deep Clarity in what you need to do to Move & Grow Forward.

How would it feel to be CONNECTED?

Deeply to Yourself, Your Innate Wisdom, and Your Sacred Body. Intimately Connected to the Truth of your Partner(s).

I am honored to be a Guide & Comrade to you as we bridge a Beautiful Journey together! 

Are you ready to take Massive Transformative Action right now, effectively CHANGING the script of your life?

Check out my current offerings & programs below!

With Love & Deep Care, 

Nikki Sunshine

Current 1:1 Programs

Currently 1-on-1 Coaching spaces with Nikki are SOLD OUT for 2019


Spaces are limited in most Group Coaching Programs.


Badass Boundary Bootcamp

A 6-week Educational and Group Coaching Program for 12 women. Become highly educated on the new, Empowering Boundary Paradigm. Receive direct feedback, guidance and advice in Clarifying, Creating & Communicating your unique Personal Boundaries. Become part of an empowered community of women who are all committed to Growth.


You, Me & The "We"

A 12-week group program open for 10 individuals who wish to understand the unique dynamics  of three different beings: Self, Other and Us in partnership.

Explore the unique characteristics of these three separate entities. Understand with greater clarity the polarity of the Divine Feminine & Divine Masculine, and the challenges that arise when these polarities dance.

Co-created and co-hosted by Nikki Sunshine of Relationship Badass and Molly Moonrise of Root Balance Rise.

Program Begins the week of January 6th, 2020.


A 4-week Group Coaching & Educational Program designed to help you break free from your self-perpetuating Prison. Join us for a month-long pleasant shattering of of delirium,

Designed for you: You who has tried EVERYTHING. You who wants so badly to feel un-stuck in your mind. You who desires to simply feel nourished, clear & free in your life.

Co-created and Co-hosted by Nikki Sunshine of Relationship Badass and Olivia Westerman of Wild Sage & Bone.




Helping Hand Hotline


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If I Answer, I'm Yours.

Immediate Assistance

In-The-Moment Guidance

Relationship Crisis Support

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