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From Conflict to Connection

A Revolutionary 90 Day Program for Couples

Do you want Deep, Thriving & Sexy Connection with your Partner over many years together?

Do you want a Grounded & United Foundation so strong that no unexpected challenges can shake it?

Would you like resolve conflicts in your relationship with Peace, Ease & Confidence?

Do you want to communicate in a way that brings you together instead of tearing you apart?

Guess what my Love?

THE Revolutionary Couples Program you've been looking for, is HERE.

Hi there! I'm Nikki Sunshine, and that goofy man next to me is the man I CHOOSE every day. 

Like you, I've had countless blissful relationships followed by countless painful breakups.

I used to fall in love, only to fight in circles constantly with the person I'm in love with!

Over the last three years I've devoted my life to uncovering WHAT IT TAKES to have an Absolutely EPIC & AMAZING Relationship for many, many years with one person.


We don't have circling, explosive fights.


We have intentional agreements and a culture that we co-created together.


We communicate with one another like Fucking Professional Badasses.

& I'm here to help YOU create a Extraordinary Partnership TOO!

I INVITE you into the JOY of:

  • Deep & Meaningful Connection with Your Divine Self & Your Partner

  • FREEDOM to be Yourself

  • Self-Clarity & Alignment with your Soul

  • Skilled & Ease-Filled Conflict Resolution

  • Mutual Attunement through Powerful Communication

  • Working through Challenges Together instead of just Arguing

  • Empowered & Confident in sharing your TRUTH always

  • The feeling of being truly UNDERSTOOD by your partner (even when you don't agree with them)

  • A foundation of mutual Trust, Co-Creation & Understanding 

What you GET when you say FUCK YES:

  • The exact words you need to say to Resolve a Nasty Fight

  • Three simple practices that create Deep & Intimate Connection quickly

  • Learn how to Mindfully Respond instead of Mindlessly React during Conflict

  • A FULL Tool belt of BADASS COMMUNICATION tools that will change your Relationships forever! 

  • The exact BLUEPRINT for how to do CONFLICT like a Badass!

  • Learn to experience FREEDOM & Full Self Expression while your committed to Partnership 

  • Tips for continued nurturing of your SELF & your Relationship over time

  • 12 one-on-one coaching calls (6 for each individual) with Nikki

  • 6 couple (together) coaching calls with Nikki 

  • FULL Support from Nikki through Voxer messaging & voice memo app 5 Days per week (Each partner gets their own private chat with Nikki for individual support)

  • Custom Action Steps & Exercises designed for you after every call

  • Email Support in between calls

  • 100% Personalized Action Plan & Accountability towards your unique goals

  • 2 unscheduled 15 minute SOS call per month in case of a special circumstance or situation (one for each individual)

Are you & your partner ready to create a Relationship that  nourishes your Mind, Body & Soul?


Are you ready to END Repeating, Circling Arguments?

Are you ready to grow closer to your partner through conflict, instead of disconnecting through arguments?

If so, please fill out the quick application below to hop on a 15 minute Exploration Call with Nikki. Together, we will discover if this program is a 100% FUCK YES for you both!

From Conflict to Connection
Exploration Call Application
Have you ever worked with a Couples Therapist, Conselour or Coach before?
Are you ready to look inward, dive deep, and discover what inside of you is blocking you from acquiring everything your heart has ever dreamed of?
What is you greatest challenge in Relationships?
Are you prepared to invest 4-Figures into the Growth & Culmination of your DREAM Partnership?