Free to be Me

A four-week long group coaching program designed to gently guide you into Fully Embodied & Authentic Self Expression in your relationships & business.

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Energetic Opening

Learn to open & nourish your creative energetic channels to access Divine Inspiration & Authentic Expression.

Emotional Clearing

Uncover the layers that inhibit your ability to Freely & Authentically Express your True Self.

Embodiment of Self

Practices that support moving out of your mind and into your Temple, where your fully embodied Truth lives.

We all want Freedom.

Feeling truly free comes when you feel completely safe and worthy of being your True, Authentic Self in every given moment.

Most of us have been conditioned throughout our lives to quiet and edit parts of ourselves to appeal to who we believe others want us to be.

It is time to re-program. It is time to heal. It is time to unlock the innate, radiant being that lives within you to be fully seen and expressed.

Step In.

The Parts of you that are scared aren't wrong.

You just need to learn how to work with them. There is an art to acknowledging and working with your emotions. When you learn to embrace and work together with these parts of you (instead of resisting and making them wrong), you will open and unlock the keys to authentic self expression.

I'm In.

Who gives a fuck what anyone else thinks?

If you do, I invite you drop that weight and join me inside.

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This Program is for YOU Darling:

  • Who is often absorbed in the mind's chatter, wondering what will people think?
  • Who feels a rush of fear when you're about share something on social media
  • Who inevitably modifies yourself in relationships, not revealing your full weirdo because you want to be liked and accepted by all
  • Who crumbles when someone insults or dislikes you
  • Who says yes when you mean no
  • Who feels frustrated with your painful emotions
  • Who wants to feel lightness in your body, fully open and totally free
  • Who has a powerful message to share, but just can't get yourself to share it
  • Who feels stuck, unable to move forward because of the same repeating thoughts that have haunted you for years
  • Who's tired of looking back on relationships and wondering how did I lose myself again?
  • Who knows the emotions that stop you from being yourself, but don't know how to overcome them
  • Who is seriously ready to feel free to express yourself authentically and openly in every goddam moment

Read what other Graduates have said about Relationship Badass Programs:

Meghan Lindsay

The whole-hearted support this woman offers is unparalleled. Her depth and ability to hold space with a huge dose of compassion allows for so much to be seen, witnessed, and transmuted. Nikki entered into my life at a very vulnerable time ~ amidst a difficult separation with a long-term partner ~ and she was a guiding force in the remembrance of my own depth and ability to hold space for all that I was experiencing. Because of this, I felt I could walk away from the coaching container with even greater strength to continue into the next phase of my journey, calling in, once again, a powerful embodiment of transformation and surrender-based trust.

Alexis Ortiz

Nikki taught me how to sit with my feelings, love them, support them, and allow them to exist without attaching thought or false stories to them. I learned how to celebrate any progress as positive, even shedding light on old habits when they arose, because healing isn't linear, and that’s perfect! I was coached to stop and sit with my emotions as they come, not covering feelings up with yoga, running or breathing techniques, until those uncomfortable emotions could flow out and just be as I sit and breathe into my heart center. That helps any sticky energy from making itself at home in my body. I’m an entirely new woman, thank you Nikki.

Crystal Mckenzie

I’ve had a block for the longest time. I couldn’t figure out what the root cause of it was or the depths of it. Nikki provided space for that to be exposed and explored and it has opened up new channels I am further exploring. Nikki’s energy is pure, authentic, and refreshing. She is fully present. She is warm, inviting, and truly excited about her work.

Mallory Duncan

Nikki is so authentic. She uses a language that simply expresses one's needs and speaks the truth. There is no BS here... no beating around the bush! And it WORKS! No more passive-aggressiveness or waiting for others to "read your mind." These practices help me to speak the truth, solves problems, and strengthen my ever-evolving relationships. This is AMAZING stuff! Thank you Nikki!

Diyavava Zanga

Love Nikki's ability to keep it real. She embraces you where you are and challenges you to where you want to end up. I had a laundry list of things that I wanted to accomplish coming into this program. What I realized through learning to be more honest & authentic with myself is that my list of things was not super long. In fact, Nikki showed me how they were all interconnected. So thank you Nikki for helping me open up my heart to myself and in turn those around me.

Ella Zeyl

Nikki is such a healing presence. She listens without judgement and creates a safe space. She offers advice if you want it, but always introduces it with: "let me know if this fits, if not, we'll toss it right out." She is kind. Like so freakishly kind...even kind to her darkest thoughts and insecurities. She has taught me to be gentle with mine too. She actively chooses to live her life and be thankful for it every day, and inspires others to do the same. I am so thankful to have join this program with her.

The Juicy Deets:

Program Start Date: Wednesday, May 27th 2020

Weekly group coaching calls each Wednesday using Zoom Video Conferencing (60-90 minutes each)

Lifetime access to all practices, processes, tools, meditations, journalism prompts, course content and live call replays

Deep community connection & support through our private Facebook Group

Do you feel the vibration tingling deeply in your cells?

That's your body's wisdom letting you know that it's time for you, dear one. Time to step into this work. Time to curiously explore your own internal landscape. Time to feel free to be Authentically You.

I'm Ready to Step In.