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Hot Mess to Self-Expressed 3-Month Program

Have you ever found yourself losing connection with Your True Vibrant Self in attempts to Nurture the Relationship?​

Have you ever felt too scared or insecure to share your needs, concerns and TRUTH with your partner?


One of the most painful experiences is that of LOSING your sense of SELF, when you enter Partnership with another.

Or when you just feel distant from and disinterested in the person you want to feel closest to.

Sister, are you like I once was?

Are you tired of wishing you could go back in time and communicate things differently?

And feeling weighed down by a constant worrying about the state of and future of your Partnership?

And all of these unprocessed feelings & experiences can lead to Challenging Conflict & Disconnection in your relationship. AM I Righttttt?!

Goddamn! I just want to give you a giant HUG right now! Because I have been where you are now. And I know, how deeply painful and isolating it is to feel unclear, stuck and lost within Yourself & Your Relationships.

This is why I've created Hot Mess to Self-Expressed. This is the Connection, Education, Outside Perspective & Support System I would've killed to have three years ago.

WHAT IF you could Feel:

  • Freedom in your ability to be 100% YOU, 100% of the time in your partnership

  • Ease & Understanding in your communications

  • Positive Feelings towards your Partner & your Relationship together

  • Clarity within yourself & your decisions

  • Support in the cultivation of your POWER COUPLE (or Ready to Attract your PC)

  • Deeper Connection & Mutual Attunement

  • Spacious & Ease-filled Interactions with Others & within Yourself

  • Shared Vision & Shared Reality within your Partnership 

Why do I want to Help You?

I have a burning desire to help you sister, and here's why.

Three years ago I was dumped by a man I was so madly in love with. This heartbreak came just 8 months after the painful loss of my mom, and  absolutely shattered me to my inner-most core.

In the beginning, I blamed him. I blamed him for giving up on us and for breaking my heart in the process. Yet over time, I grew to recognize my contribution to our painful dynamic.

You see, I was angry. I was angry at the world and I was angry at my partner. I didn't know how to bring up uncomfortable conversations or advocate for my needs back then. 

Rather than expressing my anger in a nourishing way, I projected it onto my partner. I was cold, impatient and negative towards him. And eventually, he couldn't take it anymore.

I'm so familiar with the pain of this dynamic, that I'm shaking as I write about the memory of this past relationship.

Today, I am ecstatic to be part of the most wonderful & fulfilling relationship of my life! My beau and I have worked smart & consistently to create a Mutually Empowering & Positive Partnership.


It's not about being perfect or showing up flawlessly in our union. Rather, it's about a self-journey of learning how to BE with and accept the other person, even when they're not shining in their brightest light.

We use Attuned Listening Skills & Responsible Speaking Skills to truly Understand each others position, and collaborate on next steps.

Most profoundly, I feel safe. I feel safe that if I have an emotional episode, my partner wont judge me or leave me. And I feel like my loving True Self, so often able to hold him in his imperfection; absent of judgement, with compassion and care.

Together, we stand united against any challenges or issues that come up. When he arrives home each day, I feel so excited to greet him! We share in deep and vulnerable connection, and we also have an unpredictable adventurous side.

THIS is why I am determined to help You.


Because I've been there, and now I'm on the other side.


Living & Loving in the ideal relationship I had DREAMED about years ago.

By working with me, you get access to the exact blueprint of how I transformed from Angry and Resentful to Vibrant, Grateful and Loving towards my partner AND in my Life.

You also get access to a rich array of powerful tools, communication secrets and exercises that will aid you in sustaining a Thriving Partnership over time.

And you get the delicious blends of Nourishing Support & Loving Challenge, to help you to get out of your own damn way and create the Relationship You Desire!

This program is for you if:

  • Anger is eating you up, resentment is building, but you see the potential of your relationship and you know you are both capable of so much more

  • You felt this way in a former relationship, it ended, and you’re not sure how you could have stopped it 

  • You've tried other ways, but nothing else has actually helped

  • You feel frustrated with yourself + your partner for not being able to solve this painful problem yet


"The first time I reached out to Nikki for relationship support was about a year after my divorce.  I was struggling to let go of a few intensely personal items, such as journals, letters, and photos.  These items were in my bedroom, and deep down I knew that their presence was contributing to a burden I continued to carry, but needed to release, and I just didn't know how.  Nikki helped me by not only listening with great care, but also by helping me make decisions and in some cases physically removing items from my home. She helped me release the burden and say goodbye in a profound way, and then she grieved with me.


At the same time, I had also recently begun a new relationship, and started to feel some anxiety around how to build a strong and healthy foundation of communication, and not let my past relationship problems and old patterns negatively influence this new love that was bringing me such joy.  


I have great friends, a wonderful family, and an army of support.  I have sought the advice of therapists and counselors over the years.  Nikki's support is different. Nikki is so positive and brings beautiful energy everywhere she goes, but this is not her strength.  Her greatest strength is when she dives deep and gets serious about what she knows will help people and relationships thrive. She quickly understands and discerns core issues and relationship dynamics with great respect and without judgment.  She also gives me the words to use with my partner, and encourages me to take healthy risks (at my own pace) and identify ways that I am either unnecessarily sacrificing my own needs or inhibiting my own growth, which in turn harms my relationship that I value so dearly.  


I am committed to doing proactive work to enjoy a thriving relationship with my partner.  To be honest, I am not sure how I would go about doing this work without Nikki. I am so grateful to have found her."

-Sarah K

What You Get when you say "FUCK YES" to a Happier You:

  • 4 one-on-one coaching calls with Nikki per month (45 min each)

  • Custom Action Steps & Exercises created with Nikki after every session

  • In Depth Content & Worksheets

  • You'll find out the MAIN REASON why what you've been doing hasn't been working

  • The exact words you need to say in order for him to HEAR you

  • Three proven ways to invite your man to step up for you MORE

  • CLARITY in knowing exactly what you need and firm CONFIDENCE in how to get it

  • A proven step-by-step process to express and transmute Negative Energy & Emotions

  • A 100% personalized custom action plan for rock solid accountability towards your unique goals

  • One additional last minute 15 minute SOS call per month in case of a special circumstance or situation

UPGRADE to Badass VIP and also enjoy:

  • Voxer and email support between sessions with 12 hour or less response time (up to 5 exchanges between sessions)

  • Two additional last minute 15 minute SOS calls per month in case of a special circumstance or situation

What's the total investment?

Badass Babe Package

$1500 one-time payment OR

Three monthly payments of $600

Badass VIP Uprade

$1650 one-time payment OR

Three monthly payments of $650

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