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A 4-week Group Program designed to help you feel Clear, Present & Nourished every day.

Hello Brave Soul,

Welcome to the beginning of the rest of your life.

If you're here, we're guessing that you want to feel more Clear, Confident & Grounded in your life. 

You want to feel less vulnerable to crumbling in the wake of challenges and stress?

We imagine you've tried so many things that were supposed to help you feel better, to finally 'get it.'

You've tried everything you've been told: Yoga, Ayuasca, Celibacy, Mediation Retreats, Books, Programs & MORE.

And yet you still feel the same as you did?

Welcome to, Prisonbreak.

We are fucking stoked you are here.

We are here to help you break free from the Prison you've been placed in.

This program works because it has nothing to do with managing circumstances around you. EVERYTHING necessary to experience positive transformation, exists within you.

Together, we'll access your innate Freedom using the gifts you already have within you. No special training required!

Meet your Guides, Olivia & Nikki!

Prisonbreak is a Program Designed to Help you:

  • Get out of your head, and into the present moment

  • Disengage from the Matrix of War

  • Dropping the stories that keep you stuck

  • Adopting beliefs that are in alignment with the New, Freedom Paradigm

  • Integration of the tender hearted woman and the masculine man

  • Getting a hold on the mindless Self Talk that keeps us stuck

  • Disengaging from the control of the mind

  • Ceasing to Mindlessly React, and learning to Respond

  • Acknowledging your wounds with compassion

  • Clear emotions and energy that are ready to be passed

What will you learn in our four weeks together?

Module One:

Dropping the Stories & Stepping into Presence

Module Two:

Stripping the Victim & Full Ownership for the Game we're Playing

Module Three:

Disengaging from the

Matrix of War

Module Four:

Returning to what is Sacred: Tools for a New Future



Through her devotion to Freedom, Olivia has received the gift of clearing energy from the human system. Her work allows the soul to reach its highest potential of health, healing and harmony.


Dancing with the Earth’s cycles of life and death, Olivia guides those who behold courage to return to their miracle, their birthright of inner-knowing, freedom from any limiting beliefs or programs, ancestral undercurrents and trauma.


Her work is an invitation to rise into integrity and full responsibility as a conscious creator of ones experience of life. With a humble reverence for the Mystery, she will walk with you through the portal of fear, illusion and self sabotage into your highest potential

Hello Gorgeous! Like you, I am a multi-dimensional Human Being! I serve as a Relationship Coach, Speaker, Writer & Love Enthusiast. My work is shared primarily through client relationships, couples counseling and large groups in Live Relationship Workshops. I founded Freelationships: The New Relationship Paradigm, where committed Partnership is built on a foundation of Truth, Openness & Freedom.


I am deeply passionate about helping others live a life that truly nourishes their soul! My Soul-Work began in 2016, after my momma died suddenly, and my boyfriend dumped me shortly afterwards. It was in the wake of this painful reality that I realized, it was up to me to make my life feel great again.


Today, my work mainly evolves around Relationships. I am constantly exploring how I can live more unapologetically in alignment with my true desires, while remaining in a thriving, connected & delicious partnership. It's certainly not easy, which is a hard pill to swallow if you learned about Relationships in the Disney Movies.


It is my joy to bring all that I've learned over the last few years to you, right here, right now. To infuse the pillars of my experience, the fundamentals of my education and energy of my passion into our sacred container together. Thank You for BEing here, love. Together, we will experience magic as we open up our hearts to encompass a paradigm that has been plagued as "too good to be true."


...imagine if you could feel

  • Lightness in your body

  • Peace in your mind

  • Disengaged from negative self talk

  • Trusting in your heart

  • Truly grateful for your life

  • Un-stuck

  • Empowered & Inspired

  • Grounded in the Truth of your Magnificence

  • Full integration of your light & your darkness 

What's the Investment?

This sacred container is available to you until November 8th, 2019 at the Early Discounted Price of $350

After November 8th, this powerful opportunity is availible to your for a paid-in-full price of $450.

Payment Plan is also available if you need it. Two payments of $250