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The Relationship Badass Podcast is here to bring you juicy content, powerful tools and golden nuggets of wisdom that will help you to to create an Empowered Relationships & an Aligned Life.

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Episode 50:

Separating from my Partner with an Open Heart

January 29th, 2020

Join me this week for a raw exploration of my process thus far, Grieving through and Growing through my separation with Warren (my long-term partner of three years)

I will share with you many of the challenges, the moments of joy, the moments of pain, grief, slowing down, and listening.

I will share some of the daily practices and embodiment practices that have been like medicine for me.

I'll introduce the new Relational Paradigm that is coming through my system: Moment to Moment Fluidity in Relationship.

And most of all, I'll talk about why I believe Separation with an Open Heart is one of the most nourishing and powerful way to redefine a relationship.

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Episode 49:

Embodying Badassary with Autumn Smith


January 8th, 2020

This week I bring one of my Badass Babes on the show to share about her experience working in a 1-on-1 coaching container with me for 6 months.

If you've ever been curious about what coaching is, when it would be appropriate, what it could do & how it might serve....get cozy and dive into this episode!

We hold nothing back!! Autumn and I talk about:

What first drew her to coaching in general
How she new it was the time in her life to invest in a coach
How she knew I was the coach for her
What gave her the courage to say yes?
Challenges of working with me
Her most profound shift and transformations
Moments where she hated me (theres a few!)
Where she was then // where she is now
What it’s like to have a personal coach // wise bff
How her life is different now because of our work together

Autumns Instagram: @freeyourinnergoddess

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