The Wealth of Self

90 Days to invite your Badass, Embodied Goddess out of hiding and into Full Self-Expression.

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Self Worship


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Emotional Badassary

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Body Play


Dylan Smith


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Camera Settings

Learn all about shutter speed, aperture, and ISO.

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Flash Photography

Learn how to use flash to get trendy high-contrast photos.

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35mm Film

Learn how to get crisp images using cameras from the 60s.

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This Program is Designed for You:

Who feels overwhelmed by the intensity  of her emotions.

Who feels powerless, always at the mercy of unpredictable emotional mood swings.

Who is depleted, exhausted and physically tired.

Who often times feels stuck in the unhealthy patterns of your past.

Who feels trapped in the repeated cycle of her own thoughts.

Who feels frustrated and mistrusting from painful personal boundaries violations.

Who feels anxious at the prospect of being with her sadness, her anger or her orgasmic joy.

Every One of your Emotions is a Blessing.

 You just need to learn how to decode their potent messages.

Step In

Listen to hear what Beautiful Diyavava has to share about her experience in The Wealth of Self Program:



Graduates of the Program Report the following shifts in their Daily Lives:



Deepened Connection to her Intuitive Wisdom

Greater Trust in her Emotional Process

Less Anxiousness and Overwhelm in her System

More Authentic Connection in all her Relationships

Courage to Enforce Badass Personal Boundaries

More Acceptance and less judgement towards Self + Others

A Connected Relationship with their Body Temple

More joy, laughter and dancing!

Feeling more energized and healthy

Living in alignment with her True Self








Do you feel The Calling vibrating softly in your cells?

Apply Within
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1-on-1 Support from Nikki Sunshine for 90 Days

Past clients refer to this as "THE LIFELINE." Your direct one-on-one connection to Nikki anytime, anywhere. We'll connect via Voxer Voice Messaging App for dynamic, in-the-moment support.

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Tools that Work

Access to Nikki's copious library of tools, skills, exercises, embodiment practices and trainings. She will pull relevant tools from this abundant library to best serve you and your goals.

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Weekly Video Calls

Direct access to Nikki's wisdom and knowledge through a once weekly 1-on-1 coaching call. Use this time to unpack and process present challenges, opportunities and experiences together.

Read what Gorgeous Ella shares about her experience in the program:

"Nikki shares such a healing presence, it was a gift to be in her intimate space each week. She listens without judgement and creates a safe space. She offers advice if you want it, but always introduces it with: 'let me know if this fits, if not, we'll toss it right out.'

She is kind. Like so freakishly kind...even kind to her darkest thoughts and insecurities. She has taught me to be gentle with mine too. She actively chooses to live her life and be thankful for it every day, and inspires others to do the same. I am so thankful to have crossed paths with her and that she was willing to share some of her light with me."

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The dynamic nature of your emotional world is your fucking Super Power.




Are you ready to learn how to leverage your gifts?

I'm Ready.

Listen to hear what Badass Anne has to share about her experience in The Wealth of Self Program



Are you a SOULMATE for the program?

But also a little SCARED? Hey love, I'm a human too and also get scared!

Click the button below to hop on a no-obligation Curiosity Call with Nikki. Together we will connect, laugh WAY too much and discover if you are a Soul Sister match for the program this time around.

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